Here at Dorset Physio your health and safety is our primary concern. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we continue to perform these procedures for your safety. Please review the COVID-19 policy below prior to your visit: 

  • Therapists will perform hand hygiene before and after all patient contact. 

  • All equipment used for patient care will be cleaned and disinfected after each use. 

  • MASKS: ​Face masks are still required in all healthcare facilities that accept Medicare, including Dorset Physio. This applies to all staff, patients, clients, and visitors. Surgical or N95 masks are preferred, and a mask will be provided for you if you do not have one.

  • DAILY COVID SCREENING FORM: All patients and visitors will be asked COVID screening questions when you arrive at check in at each visit. You may also complete it prior to arrival digitally to speed up the check in process: https://www.jotform.com/form/220617827295159

  • ILLNESS/CLOSE CONTACT: If you have ANY signs of illness, please stay home and your appointment will be rescheduled. You will not be penalized for cancelling. If you have any COVID like symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, headache, fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, or GI symptoms), you will be required to take a COVID-19 Test and provide negative results prior to attending your next appointment. If you have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, you can attend your appointment if you are vaccinated and boosted. If you are not up to date with your vaccines, you will need to isolate for 5 days then take a COVID-19 test and provide results prior to returning for your next appointment. ​

  • VISITORS: Accompanying individuals (e.g. spouses, drivers) are asked to wait outside the facility during the patient visit.  If an accompanying individual is vital to your visit (e.g. a translator, parent(s), home health aide, etc.) that person will undergo all screening, distancing, and masking requirements the same as the patient. Patients with young children are asked to arrange for alternate off-site childcare.

  • ARRIVAL TIMES: Current patients are requested not to arrive more than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. New patients please still arrive 15 minutes prior to your visit for registration. 

  • VACCINATION STATUS: We highly encourage all patients, especially those 65 and over or immunocompromised to be fully vaccinated and boosted. TMJ patients will be required to be fully vaccinated and boosted for treatment. All Clinic & Massage Staff are fully vaccinated per CMS COVID-19 Health Care Staff Vaccination Recommendations.   

Thank you for choosing Dorset Physio for your physical therapy and wellness needs. As a reminder these policies are for your safety. Thank you for doing your part for the community.